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REEFE PRJ052 Pump with RM4000-2 - Granny Flat




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The Reefe PRJ052 with RM4000-2 is ideally suited for applications supplying laundry and toilets, and is also suitable for cabins or small houses with one bathroom. 

The RM4000-2 (rains to mains system) stops flow of mains water supply while rain water is being pumped to help preserve our precious resource. 

  • Ideally suited to Granny flats or small houses/cabins (1 bathroom)
  • Designed for speed of installation with no cables, float switch, solenoid valve or electronic controls
  • Can supply to toilet and laundry or 2-3 garden taps
  • Rains to Mains switch over system allows mains water to flow if tank water is unavailable, and restricts mains flow if tank water is sufficient
  • Automatic Pressure Controller
  • Run-dry protection and thermal overload protection
  • 2 year warranty


Model Power Rated Max Water Outlet Cable Length Inlet & Oulet Size
Amps Watts Flow (L/m) Head (m) Flow (L/m) Head (m) No. Taps LxWxH (mm)
PRJ052 2.5 370 25 20 55 33 2-4 3m 25 FBSP/MBSP 370x190x380

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