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Granny Flat / Small Cabin Pump - REEFE RM4000-3 PRJ55E & RMV3550 Valve



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The RainPro® RM4000-3 system is designed for speed of installation - The Rain Mains device has no cables, no float, no solenoid, no electronic controls. The simplicity of this system has the added benefit of making it very affordable. The RM4000-3 restricts flow of mains supply while rain water is being pumped to help conserve water. This system is suited for applications supplying laundry and toilets, and is also suitable for cabins or small houses with one bathroom.


  • Domestic toilet & laundry
  • Small house / cabin / granny flat (1 bathroom)
  • Small commercial / industrial*
  • Garden irrigation*
  • Toilet blocks (up to 6 fixtures)*
  • Construction / mine site offices*

* Check specifications required

Features & Benefits 

  • Rains to Mains switch over system allows mains water to flow if tank water is unavailable, and restricts mains flow if tank water is sufficient
  • Mains flow up to 50L/Min
  • Valveset is 100% hydraulic - no electronics
  • Reliable, efficient power-saving performance
  • Automatic pressure controller giving consistent pressure supply, automatically checks for water every 24 hours after a run dry event
  • Run dry protection and thermal overload protection for the pump
  • Tested to AS4020 for potable water
  • WaterMark certified, includes dual check valve on mains
  • WaterMark # 022109


  • Stainless-steel casing and shaft
  • Carbon/ceramic mechanical seal for reliability
  • IP44 motor with F-class insulation
  • Quick plug pressure controller connection
Model Power Rated Max Water Outlet Cable Length Inlet & Oulet Size
Amps Watts Flow (L/m) Head (m) Flow (L/m) Head (m) No. Taps LxWxH (mm)
PRJ55E 2.2 510 20 15.8 52 31.5 2-4 1.5m 25 FBSP/MBSP 250x190x460

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