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Water Pumps

We sell a range of external and submersible pumps suited to various applications such as garden use, granny flat, toilets/laundry and whole house use. 

Pumps that come with a mains water switch enable automatic detection of rainwater and switch to mains water when the tank is empty to ensure you will always have access to water. Licensed plumbers are required to connect pumps that have a mains water switch. 

When choosing a pump consider the following;

  • What you will be using the water for? (garden, pool, granny flat, house, toilets/laundry)
  • Number of taps/outlets/toilets
  • Single or double storey house
  • Do you have a preference for the pump to be inside (submersible) or outside (external) the tank?

To connect your pump to the water tank you will need a piece of flexible coulpling (we sell it for $29 for a 70cm length) or ask your plumber when installing. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements to ensure that you buy the pump that is right for you!  


REEFE - with mains water switch

REEFE - no mains water switch