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Underground Tanks

  • The innovative Li-Lo tank range by Graf is specifically designed for storage underground, providing all the extra water you need, conveniently and economically.
  • Underground water tanks can be used for water retention and/or detention. Collecting rainwater provides many benefits such as extending the life of your garden during the long hot summer months, topping up your pool, washing your car or for household applications such as flushing toilets and laundry use. Tanks are typically buried out of sight beneath a driveway or under your front or rear lawn, which also helps to keep the water cool!
  • Due to the Li-Lo Flat Rainwater Tank being underground, no rain or sunlight can penetrate it - keeping the water storage free from UV and reducing temperature fluctuations, in turn inhibiting algae, mould and other micro-organisms. This results in a cleaner, safer water for your plants and water dependent devices. 
  • All Li-Lo tanks have been designed in Germany and are made in Australia from recyclable material. They can also be utilized for drinking water and carry a 15 year tank warranty!

Standard range;

  • 1,500 litres
  • 3,000 litres
  • 5,000 litres

Water Retention (storage)

  • Connected to a sites downpipes.
  • Water is re-directed, filtered and stored.
  • This water is then re-used via pumps to supply free water to washing machines, toilets and for irrigation purposes.

*Image used for illustration purposes only - filter sold separetly, pipes not included.  


Water Detention (slow release)

A detention tank is required by many councils and local authorities to capture and hold rainwater on the property and then slowly release it back into the storm water system to ensure flash flooding of storm water drains does not occur.  The Li-Lo provides the following benefits:

  • Designed to meet councils requirements to “hold back” a certain amount of water – slowly releasing it into the storm water mains.
  • Tanks can be fitted to utilize the full volume for Detention purposes or create a combination of Retention/Detention.

*Image used for illustration purposes only - filter sold separetly, pipes not included.  


Installation - Less digging, less work, less cost!

Refer to instal manual piror to purchase and instal. 


More Information

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