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Underdeck Water Tanks

Underdeck water tanks are fantastic when you are limited for space and can't fit the usual round or slimline water tank into a tight space.

Underdeck tanks are perfect and ideal for fitting under the deck or under houses. Underdeck tanks can be joined together for greater holding capacity of rainwater for use in the garden or household applications such as toilets / laundries. 

Our 2,000 litre underdeck tank range is available in two different dimensions and over 25 colours;  

EUD - Enviro Underdeck 

ELUD - Enviro Low Underdeck 

*Check out the below links for dimensions and further information. 

*We hold limited tanks in stock - please call us to check if we have your preferred size and colour available.

*We normally make our tanks to order based on colour and size preference, production to make tanks is approx to 3-4 weeks.