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Slimline Water Tanks

Slimline rainwater tanks are becoming increasingly popular as they are great for urban areas where space is limited. 

Slimline water tanks are suitable for placing against a wall, under a window or in a narrow space.  

Our slimline tanks range in size from 1,000 litres to 5,000 litres and come in a variety of low, standard, super slim and tall dimensions.

Slimline water tanks are made to order according to your desired size and colour. Choose from over 25 colours! 

Included with all slimline water tank purchases is a ball valve, fitted leaf strainer, Mozzie Stoppa (not fitted) and it can be fitted by your plumber according to your requirements. 

The inlet (leaf strainer) is located in the middle or at either end of the tank (depending on size) and comes with a moulded overflow at each end of the tank that can be drilled out using a holesaw according to your requirements.

All tanks come with 2 x 25mm brass outlets moulded into the tank at ankle height and 1 x 25mm brass outlet at bucket height (*low slimline tanks do not have bucket height outlet). Outlets come sealed and can be drilled out using a hole-saw. 

Joining two or more tanks together is easy with the use of flexible coupling (made to suit your required length, price on application) and an additional 25mm ball valve ($25) to connect to a pump.

We also sell a range of pumps and water tank accessories - order online, or give us a call!

*We hold limited tanks in stock - please call us to check if we have your preferred size and colour available.

*We normally make our tanks to order based on colour and size preference.  Production time to make tanks is approx to 3-4 weeks with delivery after.