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Slimline Rainwater Tank 1,500 Litres



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• Product Code: ETS1500

ETS1500 - Enviro Tall Slim 1,500 litres  

Approx Specifications; 

  • Inlet Height   204cm
  • Length          145cm
  • Width            67cm
  • Weight          75kgs

*Dimensions may be subject to change slightly over time due to manufacturing processes. 

Our newest slimline 1500 litre tank (ETS1500) is now here!! 

The new 1500 litre is the ideal sized tank to fit into smaller spaces alongside a granny flat, house or tucked away in the garden. 

Included with your tank purchase is a 25mm ball valve, leaf strainer (fitted) and Mozzie Stoppa (not fitted). 

The inlet (fitted with a leaf strainer) is located at one end of the tank. Overflows are moulded into the tank at the top of each end (attach gutter flange / Mozzie Stoppa according to your requirements). 

A 25mm sealed brass outlet is moulded into both ends of the tank at ankle height to enable you to attach the ball valve / pump according to your requirements.

A 25mm brass outlet is also moulded into the tank at bucket height at the opposite end as the inlet (optional - attach a brass tap here for only $16).  

Outlets and overflows are sealed however can be drilled out upon request at time of order or by using a holesaw. 


  • Have a colour preference? Tanks are made to order, choose from over 25 colours! Returns for incorrect size or colour are not accepted. 
  • Need a pump? Refer to our range of submersible and external pumps suited to garden use, granny flats or whole house use.
  • Got a question? Give us a call 1300 73 72 10, Mon-Fri 7.30am - 5.00pm. We are happy to answer your questions and can take orders over the phone! 


All Enviro Water Tanks are made with 100% Polyethylene food grade material and come with a 20 year warranty (see warranty and installation/ site preparation guide). 

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