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3000L Garantia Lilo Underground Water Tank

3,000L Garantia Lilo Underground Water Tank



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• Product Code: LiLo 3000

The innovative Garantia Lilo tank range by Graf is specifically designed for storage underground, providing all the extra water you need, conveniently and economically.

Underground water tanks can be used for water retention and/or detention.

The Lilo 3,000 litre tank is the middle size underground tank we have available.  


Garantia Lilo Underground Water Tank Specifications

Length  2450mm 

Width  2100mm 

Height of tank shoulder 735mm  Overall Height of tank 1050mm

Height of dome collar 315mm

Inlet 650mm 

Tank dome 800mm

  • Price includes pedestrian lid only.
  • If placing tank under a driveway, a trafficable/car lid and riser (dome shaft) is required.
  • Package including Lilo 3,000 litre tank, carlid and riser $ 3675.00. 
  • Optional extras; Connecting seals available if joining tanks together, from $65. Filter package $450.  
  • Delivery to front of site only, please contact us for a quote! 
  • *Refer to installation and maintenance manual attached*

Warranty for Lilo Rainwater Underground Tanks

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Installation and maintenance instructions for Lilo Rainwater Underground Tank

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3000L Garantia Lilo Underground Water Tank Recommended Accessories

Please call to discuss the optional accessories specific to your needs.

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